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FCC Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  • Explore the sights of historic Phnom Penh. The National Museum with its Angkor-era treasures is just behind, the gold-roofed Royal Palace, with its Throne Room, Silver Pagoda and 17th-century emerald Buddha, a little to the right. The Central Market with its billion cheap knockoff goods is not far away. A million tuk-tuk and motorcycle drivers are eager to take you anywhere you want to go
  • Pay your respects at S-21, also known as Tuol Sleng. This erstwhile high school has a bloody past as the prison where the Khmer Rouge tortured many of its inmates before sending those who survived to their death in the Killing Fields. It’s not a happy place, but it is an important one, and it survives pretty much as it was 30 years ago
  • Take a tuk-tuk to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek. Just 14km southwest of the town, this was the final resting place of S-21’s prisoners. 17,000 people died here and you'll see mass graves plus a memorial tower filled with skulls. It's a shocking reminder of Pol-Pot's regime and well worth going to
  • Wander around the old town, peer up at the tenements and crumbling colonial mansions, watch fish die in the markets, or have a leisurely drink by the riverfront in any one of 100 restaurants and cafes
  • Have a ‘seeing hands’ massage by blind masseurs, in one of the many places nearby
  • Shop for things like ‘ethically’ produced fabrics and Angkor sandstone reproductions, from nearby shops like Sentosa Silk and the National Museum

Activities on site or nearby include:

  • Food and wine
  • Historical sites
  • Museums/galleries
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping/markets
  • Traditional cultures
Save to favouritesPrintMailFCC Phnom PenhAh, the history! It was right here, under the great black ceiling fans, overlooking the lazy flow of the river, that the legends of the lawless UNCTAD days got distorted beyond recognition in the retelling - from sozzled foreign correspondentís mouth to stoned travellerís ear - until people really thought you could hire an AK-47 and tell a local child to run. The foreign correspondents have fallen (not to AK-47s but to the economies of the newspaper industry), and the travellers with their beards and beads have decamped, but the Foreign Correspondents' Club still thrives. Now, though, it is under corporate ownership and its logo is on T-shirts, bags and what-all else. Perhaps itís for the best. The location remains the very centre of Phnom Penhís tourist ghetto, a stoneís throw from the National Museum, a lazy stroll to the Royal Palace. And nowadays you can even get service in 8 well-appointed [r:CA009:rooms]. The terrace and rooftop still have the best views in town; throw open your window, lie on the bed and know youíre in the throbbing heart of a strange city - a great feeling.

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