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FCC Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Press Reviews

The Telegraph
"From Kompong Chhnang we drove overland past rice fields, sugar palm and cashew plantations, to Phnom Penh, where we met Ant Alderson, the British co-owner of the FCC hotels in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The FCC, formerly known as the Foreign Correspondents Club, enjoys a prime riverfront location with enviable views up and downstream. The elegant, pillared dining room, in cream and dark wood, cooled by ceiling fans, is straight out of Graham Greene or Somerset Maugham - both two former patrons."

Guest Ratings


Guest Reviews

Reviews are only from people who have stayed there and booked through i-escape.

  • “The bar and ambience in the evening was great with a stunning view of the river. Ta Som (our original room) was supposed to be Deluxe, but it was awful. The smell was over powering, it vibrated with the disco opposite and the shower flooded. We asked to be moved twice and were moved on the second day to Bayon for one night which was a proper Deluxe room which was lovely and then the Directors suite for 2 nights which again was disappointing. Service at breakfast was slow and not gracious. The lady manager did her best to help us but overall unless you are in the Bayon or equivalent it is disappointing.”
    , United Kingdom (22.07.14)

Save to favouritesPrintMailFCC Phnom PenhAh, the history! It was right here, under the great black ceiling fans, overlooking the lazy flow of the river, that the legends of the lawless UNCTAD days got distorted beyond recognition in the retelling - from sozzled foreign correspondentís mouth to stoned travellerís ear - until people really thought you could hire an AK-47 and tell a local child to run. The foreign correspondents have fallen (not to AK-47s but to the economies of the newspaper industry), and the travellers with their beards and beads have decamped, but the Foreign Correspondents' Club still thrives. Now, though, it is under corporate ownership and its logo is on T-shirts, bags and what-all else. Perhaps itís for the best. The location remains the very centre of Phnom Penhís tourist ghetto, a stoneís throw from the National Museum, a lazy stroll to the Royal Palace. And nowadays you can even get service in 8 well-appointed [r:CA009:rooms]. The terrace and rooftop still have the best views in town; throw open your window, lie on the bed and know youíre in the throbbing heart of a strange city - a great feeling.

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