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Maison Perumal

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India


The 10 rooms are all different and various sizes (though the same price), with hand-carved wooden beds and desks, cream lamps, uneven mustard-yellow or red floors, TVs and air con. The CGH team spent a lot of time reviving old crafts and researching into woodworking to create just the right atmosphere and carefully restore period detail. Six rooms are on the first floor and 4 are on the second; there are 2 twin rooms and 8 doubles.

The base colour palette is cream, offset by bright fuchsia, purple, turquoise or green pillowcases and curtains. And we particularly like the little details: jute slippers in small handmade bags made from newspaper, speckled white soap from Auroville, and shampoo in ceramic pickle jars in the shower bathrooms.

We're told it feels like you're staying in someone's regal retreat, but this goes 2 ways: you're at leisure to explore the rest of the hotel and relax in the courtyards on the wooden swing, but you also probably won't want to hole up in your room - they aren’t really big enough or luxurious enough for that.

Features include:

  • Phone
  • TV
  • Internet Connection
  • WiFi Internet
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Baby Cots
  • Extra Beds
  • Bedroom slippers
Save to favouritesPrintMailMaison PerumalPondicherry (now known as Puducherry) is famed for two things: its 17th-century French colonial past, which has left an architectural legacy and the feeling of being in a Provenšal town on the bay of Bengal; and its Sri Aurobindo ashram, which draws yogic devotees from around the world. Most people don't know about its Tamil past, or about the Tamil quarter where Maison Perumal stands, and that's a good thing. When you arrive after a 3-hour journey from Chennai, it feels like you've found a jewel in the dust. Once a registry office, the building was lovingly restored by CG Hearth (the brains behind [h:IS106:SwaSwara]) to create an elegant 10-[r:IS092:room] hotel with the feel of a private dignitary's house. In the morning, the sun shines through stained glass to create extravagant patterns on the whitewashed walls; inside, sepia-toned pictures tell of the past and vibrant silk cushions lie on elaborately hand-carved wooden beds. You're walking distance from central Pondicherry's main sights and the exceptional staff bend over backwards to help with every need. We haven't visited yet, but we've heard such good reports that we wanted to let you in on it before we do.

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