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Milos Windmill

Milos Island, Cyclades, Greece


What a lovely place for a family to stay - the Windmill itself makes an original and imaginative destination and with the 2 outbuildings as well, it is a great spot for a family do, celebration or multi-generational break, offering everyone a bit of privacy. The maximum occupancy of the Windmill is 5, and each outhouse can sleep 2 (9 in total).

  • Best for: Children (4-12 years), Teenagers (over 12 years)
  • Family friendly accommodation: If booking individual houses, the Windmill is your best (and only!) option as it can sleep 5; one of its bedrooms can be made up as a twin and has a single sofabed.
  • Children's meals: It's self-catering here, with a basic kitchen with oven and fridge but no microwave or dishwasher. You can hire the cooking services of a local cook if you fancy a night off, or head to the many local tavernas, bakeries and pie shops.
  • Kids Activities nearby:
    • Explore secret beaches, sandy coves, smugglers caves and fishing villages along the coast
    • Take to the water in a fishing boat and see the island from the sea
    • Visit the ancient site of Melos, where the Venus de Milo was discovered
  • Families Should Know: The stairs in the Windmill are steep. The closest hospital is a short hop away by plane in Athens but flights are only twice daily. Bring everything you think you'll need with you.


  • Airport: 10 minutes (Milos)
  • Ferry: 4 hours from Piraeus by highspeed ferry
Save to favouritesPrintMailMilos WindmillThe island of Milos is famous for a perfectly-chiselled, 6-foot tall goddess. Before you get the wrong idea, weíre talking about a statue, sculpted 2000 years ago and found 20 years ago near Tripiti. Though she may have moved to Paris, there are still plenty of reasons to visit the island where Venus de Milo was found. Gnarled sea-cliffs, turquoise waters, smugglersí coves, hot springs, picturesque villages and old churches all vie for your attention on an island which is bizarrely indifferent towards foreign tourism. On the rocky ridge above Venusí resting place stands a string of windmills, one of which has been converted into a [rooms:GR035:2-bedroom] holiday rental. It is a narrow, three-storey building with round rooms and a shaded terrace outside, offering views over the sheltered inlet of Adamas. Next to it are two small [rooms:GR035:1-bedroom outhouses], which can be rented individually or with the windmill to accommodate larger groups. Itís owned and run by a reliable, English-speaking man named Gerasimos, and not sold outside Greece through any other channels. All in all, itís a very special place, and ideal for [kids:GR035:families] or groups of friends who are keen to explore a little-known but still very beautiful Greek island.

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