Travel Guide to Bali

Best things to do and see in Bali

Bali: Why go

In Bali you will find a splash of colour and a piece of heaven. It's the point where two worlds collide: the world of spirits, demons, temples and legends, and the world of designer boutiques, mixologists and celebrity chefs. You will also find some of the world's finest but most interesting places to stay.

Despite past terrorist events Bali remains welcoming as ever, its people gentle, smiley and incredibly charming. Beautiful women carrying mountains of fruit offerings on their heads; whole families in ceremonial dress perched on a single moped. These sights will never leave you.

Go for Bali’s diverse landscapes: beaches from sootiest black to sugar gold; rapidly-flowing streams; bright perilously narrow paddy fields carved into hillsides; volcanoes that pierce the clouds. Whether you’re a beach bunny or a temple collector, you’ll find it all on the Island of The Gods.

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