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Our Favourite…City Streets

  • The world’s cities are full of interesting things to see and do and pounding the streets is one of the best ways to experience everything they have to offer.

    Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites:

    streets of Hanoi

    Hat seller on the streets of Hanoi

    Liz: The streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Each street specialises in a different trade and is named accordingly: Hang Bac, Silver Street; Hang Huong, Incense Street; Hang Ma, Paper Street and so on, and every shop on that street sells only its namesake; it’s mad!

    Aidan: Deia High St in Mallorca – not really much of a city and not much of a street with only a few sleepy shops, bars and some great restaurants but it was where I got married and the ambiance is pure happiness.

    Broadway, New York

    Broadway, New York

    Laila: Broadway in Manhattan as it brings back such fond memories of living there.

    Daily street life in Varanasi

    Daily street life in Varanasi

    Nikki: I’ve been to the extremes – 9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires – the widest street in the world with seven lanes of traffic in each direction and just recently the narrowest – Temple Bar in Port Isaac Cornwall at a mere 18 inches wide and known as “Squeeze Belly Alley” by the locals.

    Daisy: Wandering the streets of Sarajevo.

    Sarah: Getting swept up in the crazy chaos on the twisting maze of narrow cobbled streets of Varanasi, the holiest and oldest continuously inhabited city in India, is a truly life-affirming experience.

    Charlotte: The main street in Insadong, Seoul. It is a hive of creativity and home to 40% of the nation’s art galleries and antique shops. Narrow alleyways lead off the main street transporting you back in time to traditional teahouses and tranquil courtyards.

    Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona

    Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona

    Abi: Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona – an elegant boulevard which to me sums up the city: chic cafés, eclectic shops, avant-garde galleries and eye-poppingly surreal Gaudí architecture. I also love Temple Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong – its night market is cacophonous, kitsch and fabulously fun.   

    Nadine: Valencia Street, San Francisco – all manner of life is here – from the yoga and Pilates studios to the sleazy bars, the retro and vintage shops and the street art to the Michelin-starred restaurants.

    Mike B: Any stretch of Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator, where the crumbling decay of time is glaringly evident.

    Been to any of these places? Got a favourite of your own? Post your comments below, we want to hear from you!

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  1. The High Line garden in Manhattan in the Meat-packing District is a ‘road in the air’ covering several blocks, and is a lovely, lanscape gardened escape from the frenzy of NYC where you can stretch out and take stock (and you can still see the rail lines which originally brought the meat into the city.)

    Written by Tessa Stuart at 12:33 pm on March 10, 2011
  2. Sunset Junction in the Silverlake neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Hip coffee outlets, middle eastern cafes, cheese shop, trainer stores, great Mexican streetfood, vintage stores…very cool.

    Written by Claire S at 6:00 pm on March 10, 2011

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