i-escape blog / Beach Skylinei-escape blog / Liz SimpsonHow is it June already? 2016 is flying past – and my colleagues are flying everywhere. Morocco, Cuba, Greece; it’s rare we’re all in the office together these days. Two of our Bookings team are just back from holidaying in Kerala, and their rave reviews inspired us to make it a destination focus this month. They say it’s a much easier ‘India’ experience than other parts of the country: ‘chilled-out, hassle free, yet exotic and jungly’, says Emylou. ‘A laid-back tropical slice of India with spiced up fresh food and big smiles’, says Ben. So, pretty appealing, really. Especially when the hotels look like this.

Our other focus this month is Amsterdam, often an unsung hero in travel terms. And yet, it should be a real champion. It’s super easy – and cheap – to fly to. It’s a great year-round destination. It’s packed with culture – museums, galleries, great restaurants. And there’s a full gamut of places to stay, from budget hotels to smash-the-budget hideaways. You could book a long weekend there from £160 (flights and i-escape hotels, keep an eye on our blog this month for details)! And then just cycle around, visiting cool cafes, secret boutiques and drinking little beers in the sunshine…

Come and tell us where you’re travelling to this month –  you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Happy travels

i-escape blog / Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Canal House Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Hotel JL No76 Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Hotel V Nesplein Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

i-escape blog / The Dylan Amsterdam

i-escape blog / Vismaya Kerala

i-escape blog / Neeleshwar Hermitage Kerala

i-escape blog / Neeleshwar Hermitage Kerala (2)

i-escape blog / Discovery Kerala

i-escape blog / Marari Villas Kerala

i-escape blog / Kerala

i-escape blog / Kerala

i-escape blog / Kerala

i-escape blog / Gramam Homestay Kerala