i-escape blog / Liz SimpsonSo here we are, September 1st, the unofficial cusp between seasons. Will we get an Indian Summer in the UK, or should I book an early autumn holiday in the Med, to capture those last rays before winter descends? Autumn’s my favourite season but I’m always keen to eke out summer as long as I possibly can…

Malta and Cyprus, 2 of our Destination Focuses for September, are perfect for late-summer-sun minibreaks. The schools have gone back, flights are cheaper, and the seas are still warm enough to swim in. If you’re into history and architecture, the tiny islands of Malta and Gozo offer fortified towns and citadels in addition to their picturesque sandy coves. If you’re more of a fly-and-flop person, beautiful Cyprus is a nirvana, with clear seas, long beaches and charming, sleepy villages. Hikers will love it here too; the lofty, forested Troodos Mountains are a great escape.

Our other Destination Focus is Thailand – the place we all ‘did’ years ago. Yes, it’s changed from the unspoilt secret of our backpacker days, but what it’s also done is grown up. Forget 10-baht a-night beach shacks; these days it’s home to some seriously incredible hotels. Private pools? Standard. World-class spa? A given. Private butler service? Choose from ‘discreet’ or ‘pampering’. If you want an indulgent romantic destination, look no further. And, of course, there are still some unspoilt locations to be discovered there, if you know where to look. Which we do! Keep your eyes on our social media this month to see the hideaways that stole our hearts.

Let us know your travel plans for late summer and autumn; we love to chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bon voyage!


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