You know what we’re going to say already, don’t you? Book into an i-escape hotel, of course! Obvious plugs aside, we asked some of the team where they’ve had their best night’s sleep, and the varied answers were too good not to share. Sweet dreams indeed.  

Kate, Head of Bookings
Puri Ganesha in enchanting Bali. I stayed in Villa Senyum, which is full of extraordinarily beautiful items and has a huge four-poster bed dressed in billowy white drapes. Run by the most charismatic hostess, Puri Ganesha has immaculate grounds and zingy, super-fresh Indonesian food. It was one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had at any hotel anywhere in the world, and I would give my right arm to be transported back there tomorrow!

i-escape: Puri Ganesha Villas, Bali

Sarah DVD, Marketing Manager
I slept like a baby at El Cancho, a secluded beach-house hideaway set on a hillside overlooking the windswept beaches of Tarifa. There’s no night-time distractions here; just twinkling stars and the odd jingling of goat bells. Pure back-to-nature bliss.

i-escape: El Cancho, Spain

Nikki, Founding Director
Nothing beats the clean, fresh Atlantic air you get at Flying Boat Cottages in the Isles of Scilly. There’s plenty of peace and quiet after a day of outdoor activity around the island (no cars; just bicycles, sailing, coastal walks and beach picnics), and it’s worth any hassle getting there – sometimes if the weather disrupts your arrangements it makes the sleep all the more sweet! You also get super-comfy beds, thick cosy carpets and a big basket of logs to keep the wood-burner going.

Flying Boat Cottages

Melissa, Senior Editorial Assistant
During my tour of Montenegro, I stayed on Sveti Stefan island in a peaceful Deluxe Cottage directly overlooking the sea. My room felt a million miles away from anything; crisp white sheets covered the heavenly kingsize bed, and I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves. It was utterly unforgettable, and more calming than any meditation session.

i-escape: Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

i-escape: Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Emily, Bookings Consultant
I had a great night’s sleep in a very comfy bed at GoldenEye in Jamaica, but it’s the mornings that really stick in my memory: waking up refreshed, I opened the double doors onto my private terrace which faced a beautiful, serene lagoon. Jumping straight in (in my pyjamas!), I felt so relaxed and free. Drying off while drinking fresh coconut water (delivered by one of the lovely staff) topped it off. And this was all before breakfast!

i-escape: GoldenEye, Jamaica

Lyndon, Marketing Assistant
Son Viscos in Mallorca. A challenging and churning sail up the coast, followed by a groaning spread of Mallorcan food and wine, is already a fool-proof recipe for a good night’s sleep, but add to that the mountainside peace and quiet of Son Viscos and even the most sleep-averse would feel their eyes getting heavy. A gentle stroll around jasmine-scented Valldemossa followed by starlit drinks on the terrace meant we certainly had no trouble drifting to the land of nod. And, with breakfasts like these, the morning can’t come soon enough.

i-escape: Son Viscos, Mallorca

Michael, Editor-in-Chief
I had 3 blissful nights at St Mawes Hideaways in Cornwall. The first one followed a superb massage, arranged by the owner and delivered by Sarah Greenhalgh from Pressures of Life. The second one followed a cobweb-banishing walk around the Roseland peninsula and then a long soak in the in-room tub. The last one followed a delicious-but-not-too-rich dinner cooked by a private chef, Haydn Treneary, and a nightcap on the terrace looking at stars. All of them came courtesy of a gorgeous Hypnos kingsize mattress (the same one I have at home, as it happens).

i-escape: St Mawes Hideaways

Sarah B, Bookings Consultant
For me, it was definitely laid-back Mexican jungle retreat Playa Escondida. After a day of sunshine, surfing and great food, we were soothed to sleep by the sound of the waves.

i-escape: Playa Escondida, Mexico

Abi, Assistant Editor
I had one of the best – and longest! – sleeps of my life at Don Puerto Bemberg Lodge in Argentina. I’d just arrived off a gruelling 26-hour bus journey from Rio (thankfully no longer necessary due to direct 2-hour flights), and was welcomed by refreshing cocktails, a cool room and a wonderfully comfy bed. I was dead to the world from 3pm until 6am the next morning, and then awoke to the sounds of the jungle stirring to life around me; magical.

i-escape: Don Puerto Bemberg Lodge, Argentina

Laila, Founding Director
My husband and I stayed here earlier this year when we were hiking the Lycian Way from Karakoy to Patara, along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Villa Mandarin was one of our stops about half way through our hike, and it felt like we had arrived in paradise. Even though we were staying in a standard room, we had a super-kingsize four-poster bed and a whirlpool bathtub – perfect for relaxing sore muscles after a long day’s walk. After a fabulous 5-course dinner (included in the cost), we stumbled into bed and slept like logs, waking up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenge of climbing down to (and then back up from!) the nearby Butterfly Valley.

Villa Mandarin

Ben R, Bookings Consultant
Some people freak about the lack of air con in the rooms at The Last House, but the building was designed by the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, who positioned it to maximise the sea breeze. I slept on a huge four-poster, with shutters open all around. I could see the stars and fireflies outside, and listen to the waves pounding the beach whilst a gentle breeze rolled in. Happy dreams.

i-escape: The Last House, Sri Lanka

Anna, Marketing Assistant
I’d have to say Natural Retreats in the beautiful, rolling Yorkshire Dales. We spent many a long day exploring castles, browsing foodie markets, tasting yummy Wensleydale cheese and climbing the steps to Whitby’s gothic Abbey, and felt very lucky to head home to our supremely peaceful lodge in the hidden green valley. Rabbits scattered as we drove down the track and all we could hear was the merry chirping of birds. After all that fresh air, even my toddler slept like a log!

i-escape: Natural Retreats, UK

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