As we inch closer to the main summer holidays, in the midst of a heatwave, it’s no surprise that two of the most searched-for ‘must haves’ on the i-escape Kids Collection are ‘a pool’ and ‘a beach setting’.

Messing around in the water is a very important holiday pastime, so i-escape have again enlisted their team of trusted ‘junior reviewers’ to ensure that each hotel and villa’s pool and nearby beach has been comprehensively tried and tested for clients. And some of the ‘splashiest’ action has been caught on film, so we thought we’d share it with you as our very own mini blockbuster – Let’s Splash!

The tiny team take their job very seriously, and like to be kitted out correctly for their reviewing. Luckily, our friends at swimwear brand Beanie and Bear had just the thing – stylish swimwear worthy of the best boutique hotel.

To celebrate our junior reviewers’ star-splashing performances, Beanie and Bear is offering a 30% discount if you follow them on Instagram, sign up for the newsletter and use the discount code IESCAPE30 at check-out.

Watch our junior reviewers in action below…

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