Advent has arrived and the main event is just around the corner. We’ve consulted our Christmas lists to bring you a rundown of some perfect pressies for the traveller in your life  – or for yourself, for that matter. Whether you’re trying to charge your phone in Chile, keep the kids entertained on a long trip, or make a record of it all when you get back home, there’s something for you here. Happy present hunting!


1. This nicely designed wall map lets you scratch off the countries you’ve ticked off of your bucket list (far better than putting post-its in an atlas). It will either leave you as smug as a travel bug, or become oddly addictive as you complete your i-escape booking and reach for a penny to scrape off the next destination. Luckily, unlike scratch cards, you’re guaranteed a win.

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2. Sadly, flights and baggage don’t always go hand in hand to their destination and you can end up being stuck with one set of clothes and no toothbrush. This lightweight gizmo keeps a tab on your possessions and alerts you to their location if they go awry. They may be hundreds of miles away, but at least you’ll know.

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3. However you travel, you often arrive feeling like a drained, less than radiant version of the excited individual who started the trip. This ‘elixir of youth’ is a good step towards a remedy: perfect for once you’ve stepped off the plane or spent the day exploring the local sights.

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4. This may look like a simple, lightweight portable solar charger, but in fact it’s 2. That’s because for every one you purchase, another is sent to the Philippines to assist with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. It’s a handy piece of kit for any traveller and indispensable to those in need of emergency relief, making it an obvious stocking-filler choice.

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5. Trunki is now synonymous with quirky and adorable luggage for kids (it encourages them to carry their own), but it also has other useful kit for travelling tots. We particularly like these ‘Snoozihedz’ – great for the plane, train or car, and popular with little ones thanks to the cute characters.

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6. Help bring the analogue fan into the world of moving pictures with these popular, hand-cranked movie makers. It’s a personal way to create stunning memories that are perhaps more thought-out than their digital counterparts – a perfect holiday keepsake.

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7. When travelling with children you need to be prepared for every possible eventuality (and more), as well as potential deficiencies in the kid-friendly kit at the other end. Of course, you can check our Kids pages for helpful advice on exactly what to expect, but you can also pack yourself one of these ‘bambinoz’ (which attach a babyseat to any chair) to help free up your hands at feeding time.

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8. We love these simple leather travel wallets from Aspinal. Well made in a range of colours, they’re the perfect place to stash your currency, tickets, cards and passport. Sometimes the classics are the best.

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9. If you struggle to sleep in new beds, or just crave a restorative night’s rest, this simple spray has proved to be a rather successful aid for accessing the land of nod. Infused with lavender and wild camomile, it’s a natural remedy to a restless night. It’s available in a travel size, too.

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10. Ideal for the person who has everything, these exquisite hand-painted globes would make an impressive centrepiece to the home. They’re a wonderful testament to patience and an artisan approach. The results are achingly beautiful.

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Christmas comes early: this year, we’re offering you the chance to bag yourself a great selection of gifts from Noble Isle or Balance Me if you book a 7-night 2015 stay.