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What’s hot this month? Well, the temperature certainly is not. Autumn is drawing in here in the UK, so it’s little wonder our team has been soaking up the late European sun in Croatia and southern Spain, as well as seeking out far-flung adventures in Brazil and NYC.

Back here in good old Blighty, here’s what’s been tickling our travel taste buds this month…

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Photographer Ida Pap shares her brilliant travel photography tips.

The Londoner has been catching some rays on the Italian island of Favignana – if you need us we’ll be en route to Cas’almare.

We’re reassessing what makes a bargain after reading this illuminating comparison of budget airlines.

…But these incredible photos confirm that it’s the pilot who always gets the best seat in the house.

Malta has topped the list of Lonely Planet Magazine’s Top 25 ‘Secret Destinations’ – check out our Valletta and Gozo guides for more inspiration.

Have you been harbouring dreams of an American road trip? These must-see wonders should be at the top of your list.

…Now pop over to The Vanual and discover how to make life on the road a reality.

Abi from These Four Walls (and i-escape!) spent a weekend aboard The Palmer, one of the gorgeous Hoxton Boutique Houseboats, and fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Do your kids love safaris? The live-action remake of The Lion King is coming and we just can’t wait…

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