Travel Guide to Dodecanese Islands

Best things to do and see in Dodecanese Islands

Dodecanese Islands: Why go

The Dodecanese islands are very varied, blessed with beautiful beaches and plenty of history, and easily accessible via Rhodes or Kos - both of which have regular charter (and some scheduled) flights from most European countries.

These 2 draw the most visitors, and are worthy of a few days in their own right - Rhodes Town has one of the best -preserved medieval centres in the world, while Lindos (also on Rhodes) is a true jewel. Neighbouring Symi is also starting to gain fans for its picturesque pastel harbour front and arty vibes. But if you want to escape the crowds, jump on a boat (or a plane from Athens) to Leros - wonderful beaches and castles - or far-flung Kastellorizo, a tiny, friendly, slow-paced isle which is nearer to Turkey than to any part of Greece.

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