Travel Guide to Indonesia

Best things to do and see in Indonesia

Indonesia: Why go

The myriad islands and undiscovered seascapes of this stunning pocket of the world are an explorer's dream. Crystal-clear waters offer wonderful diving - close encounters with playful sea turtles, elegant rays and shoals of zesty tropical fish.

On land, glistening white sands are deliciously inviting, ringing each island and stretching out into the shallows. Up above the shore, verdant rainforests and mangrove swamps stretch across the middle of the islands, home to fantastic exotic wildlife, including macaque and silver-leaf monkeys, purple herons and the elusive (rather ugly!) komodo dragon.

There's a whole world to explore, but for the time being we've concentrated on Bali and one other isolated gem: Nikoi Island. Within easy striking distance of Singapore, this tiny island has just a handful of beach houses and a near-perfect climate. Heaven indeed.

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