Travel Info for Istria & Kvarner

Best time to go to Istria & Kvarner and how to get there

Istria & Kvarner: When to Go

The best periods to come are during shoulder season (May-June or September-October) when the coastal resorts are not too crowded, the sea warm enough to swim, and the weather ideal for hiking. Autumn is also the ideal season for gourmets, as Istria hosts various food festivals and the grape and olive harvests are in full swing. During high-season (July-August), the coast is fairly overrun with tourists; avoid these months if you possibly can, or stay inland. In low season (November-April) most local tourist facilities are closed, though skiing is possible in the mountains of Gorski Kotar.

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Getting There

This region has 3 airports: Pula in Istria, Rijeka at the head of the Bay of Kvarner, and Zadar in the south of this region. For airlines serving these airports, see our Croatia travel info.

You can also reach Istria and the Gulf of Kvarner by ferry from Italy: services include Pula-Venice, Pula-Trieste, Mali Losinj-Ancona and Rovinj-Cesenatico.