Los Angeles

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Los Angeles: When to Go

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Getting Around

By Public Transport

Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles does have a good network of public transport.

LA has a successful (2nd busiest in the country) bus network across Los Angeles County, as well as a bus rapid transit system.

The city also has a subway and light rail system which is the country's third busiest.

The commuter rail system Metrolink links LA to all neighbouring counties and many suburbs.

By Road

Los Angeles is better known for its extensive freeways and highways, which some quip have done little to improve mobility, as the city has the dubious honour of having the most congested traffic in the US. However, the car does rule Southern California, most places will be difficult to get to without one, so you are advised to hire a car to get about the city. See our car rental recommendations. Valet parking is a quintessential LA experience!

Major linking highways from LA include Interstate 5 which runs south to San Diego and on to Mexico, and to the north as far as Canada via Sacramento, Interstate 10 goes eastwards all the way to Florida, US Route 101 heads up to San Francisco.