Travel Info for Pantelleria

Best time to go to Pantelleria and how to get there

Pantelleria: When to Go

Pantelleria has a Mediterranean climate and year-round winds. Summer (June-September) is sizzling, with clear skies and little chance of rain. Winter is wetter and cooler. Shoulder seasons are an ideal time to visit: hikers come in spring (March-May) or autumn (October), or if you'd prefer to watch grape-harvesting in action, then come in September.

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Getting There

By Air:
Pantelleria Airport (19km) receives daily flights from Palermo and Trapani and twice-weekly flights from Catania. In summer, there are also direct flights from Milan, Rome and other Italian cities.

By Boat:
Overnight ferries run year-round between Trapani and the port of Pantelleria. In summer, a hydrofoil runs daily, taking just over 2 hours.

Getting Around

You'll need to hire a car to explore the island's narrow roads.