Travel Guide to Punta del Este

Best things to do and see in Punta del Este

Punta del Este: Why go

A holiday hot spot for Argentinians who flock here during the South American summer, the Uruguayan Riviera encompasses the world-renowned resort city of Punta del Este, as well as a collection of pristine beaches and hip towns along a broad peninsula.

The city itself is a concrete canyon of high-rise apartment buildings and mammoth casinos. West of town, serene Punta Ballena is renowned for whale-watching. To the east, hip La Barra has boutiques, swanky clubs and bars, and deliciously trendy restaurants. And hidden by sand dunes 40 minutes from La Barra is Jose Ignacio, a former fishing village turned stylish retreat. No matter where you end up, you’re guaranteed white-sand beaches and easy access to an almost inexhaustible list of land- and water-based outdoor activities.

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