Travel Guide to Ranthambhore N.P.

Best things to do and see in Ranthambhore N.P.

Ranthambhore N.P.: Why go

We highly recommend a visit to Rajasthan's world-renowned park at Ranthambhore - though bear in mind that it closes from July to September (the monsoon season) and occasionally at other times. It has stunning scenery, large tracts of virgin bush and a system of lakes and rivers that support a host of wildlife. But the main draw for visitors is the chance to see a tiger in the wild - this is the best place in Asia to spot them. It's a 3-hour drive south of Jaipur, or you can take the train.

Choose between the stylish tented jungle camp at Sher Bagh, or the chic eco-cottages at Khem Villas, which are next to each other just minutes from the park gates.

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