Santa Eularia & Northern Ibiza

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Santa Eularia & Northern Ibiza: Why go

Stretching up from Eivissa town and into the rural areas of Ibiza, this region of the country has a stunning beauty all of its own. As you drive along the quiet roads, the land around you is mesmerising: lush, green and peppered with vast pine trees. Farming land is all around, and the fields are filled with meticulous rows of almond and olive trees, planted in deep red earth. In spring, the valleys are a wash of pinky white blossom; in summer and autumn the orange and lemon trees provide vibrant splashes of colour.

Far less populated than Eivissa or San Antoni, the communities are low-key and friendly – and life moves at a much slower pace. This is where the celebs snap up their holiday villas – and no wonder. Much of the inland country is hilly and offers stunning panoramics over the island; better still, you can be totally anonymous. Whilst you’re an easy drive away from the clubs and crowds should you wish to venture there, you’re nonetheless in a totally laid-back part of the country. Think tranquil coves, acres of land to hike through and small, sleepy towns.

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