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Best time to go to Seychelles and how to get there

Seychelles: When to Go

Lying just south of the equator, the Seychelles have an average temperature of 29C and sea temperature of around 27C. The main tourist season is May-August when it is generally sunny and cooled by southeasterly breezes. The low season, December-March, is hot and humid with frequent tropical rain showers.

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Getting There


The only international gateway is Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on Mahé. There are flights between the main islands, or your resort will arrange a boat transfer or helicopter ride to your accommodation.

From the UK:
Air Seychelles via Zurich or Dubai. British Airways via Nairobi.

Within Europe:
Air Seychelles flies direct from Paris. Charter services from Frankfurt with Condor.

From elsewhere:
See Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways.