Travel Guide to Western Australia

Best things to do and see in Western Australia

Western Australia: Why go

The sheer scale of Western Australia - one-third of the continent and the least populated state - is awesome. Its incredibly dramatic landscape stretches over 2600km, from the wild frontier of the Kimberley in the north - barren plains, sculpted gorges, mangrove swamps and ancient rocks - all the way to the Southern Ocean - white powder sands and azure seas teeming with marine life. In between are the majestic red desert and mining towns of the interior, a string of empty beaches along the coast and, in the south-west corner, magnificent forests, lush spring carpets of flowers and a burgeoning wine industry. Transformed in recent years to a cosmopolitan but laid back city, Perth and its hinterland offers an ideal climate, some of the best gastronomic experiences in Australia, as well as excellent sporting facilities and adventure activities.

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