Travel Guide to Western Peninsula

Best things to do and see in Western Peninsula

Western Peninsula: Why go

Jutting out into the North Atlantic this magnificent pensinula, extends to the most westerly point of Europe. Made up of a spine of extinct volcanoes, precipitous waterfalls and lava fields, the peninsula stretches across to the Snaefellsjokill glacier, setting for Jules Vernes' Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Here you can skidoo to the top and enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the area. Most settlements are centred in a couple of northern fishing posts from where you can take boat trips to see whales and islands that are home to puffins and a host of other birdlife. On the south coast at Budir, a crossroads to the north, there is a handful of houses, an isolated wooden chapel and a hotel set in an extremely picturesque estuary setting. This is a magical area steeped in ancient folklore as evidenced by the Icelanders belief in extensive elf communities.

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