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Viroth's Villa

Siem Reap, Cambodia


The modern décor, small pool and open-sided steep staircase are meant for adult customers, and in fact, we only saw adults during our visit. That said, children of all ages are welcome, and older kids will love the impressive temples.

  • Best for: Teenagers (over 12 years)
  • Family friendly accommodation: A number of the Deluxe rooms can be made up as Triples. Do note that no baby cots are available.
    Save to favouritesPrintMailViroth\'s VillaLike a yin-yang symbol, Siem Reap is a swirling study in contradictions. Crowded yet calm, it has survived a horrific stretch of history but its people are proud of their culture and extraordinary artistic heritage; it is a shockingly poor place yet the residents are industrious, friendly and generous - especially with their smiles. In such a city, Viroth’s fits nicely. Compared to the often dusty, hot streets outside its walls, it is a sparkling-clean oasis of peace, contemporary décor and simple comforts. Tucked on a side street that runs parallel to the Siem Reap River, the space has a quiet and secret feel as the road sees very little traffic. Inside is a very welcome sight: a small but pretty saltwater pool nestled in a corner of the outdoor tropical lobby. A slick lounging couch and collection of vintage Buddha statues next to the mirror-tiled reception desk completes the welcoming atmosphere. The rooftop hosts a plant-filled lounge where bright yellow chairs contrast with dark wooden tables, and an inviting selection of seating options invite lingering after [eating:CA013:breakfast].

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