Best time to go and how to get there


Getting Around

In Aleppo’s Old City and souqs, all of your exploring will be done on foot. Distances aren’t great, so you can walk between the Old City and Christian Quarter and most other sights. If you’re in Aleppo in summer, however, you may wish to walk in one direction and take a taxi in the other.

Like Damascus, taxis are cheap and plentiful. Most taxis use meters, but always double-check before you get in and don’t get into a taxi where “the meter is broken” without negotiating a price. After you’ve been in Aleppo for a while and can guess at the average fare, simply get in and hand over the fare when you reach your destination if you discover the meter is not working.

For day trips from Aleppo, you will need to hire a car and driver - and while your hotel can organize one, you’ll get a better deal by going directly to one of the major car rental companies such as Europcar at the Sheraton hotel.