The i-escape blog / Michael Cullen

By Michael Cullen, Director 

As covid uncertainty continues, so our longing for a holiday grows. We want to make booking your next holiday, or rebooking your last one, as worry-free as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our Flexible Booking Policy.

Last updated: 1 July 2021

Our Flexible Booking Policy

If covid travel restrictions prevent your stay, your i-escape deposit may be freely transferred or, in some cases, refunded.”

We will freely transfer your i-escape deposit to any future stay through i-escape…

  • If the property cannot fulfill your stay because of closure or local lockdown*
  • If you cannot travel because of lockdown where you live*
  • If your flight is cancelled by the airline (with no suitable alternative offered)
  • If you decide not to travel because of new quarantine restrictions in either direction (i.e. which were not in place at the time of booking)
  • If you or a member of your party cannot travel due to contracting covid (and where this is not covered by your travel insurance)

* In these cases your i-escape deposit can be refunded, if you prefer

We will not normally transfer or refund your i-escape deposit…

  • If you or a member of your party needs to self-isolate
  • If you cannot travel because other arrangements fall through, such as childcare or pet care
  • If you decide not to travel because of local covid restrictions in the destination, such as closure of restaurants or other services
  • If you cannot travel because you fail to meet the travel requirements, such as proof of a negative test or of vaccination status

Notes & clarifications

1. Your i-escape deposit means the payment taken online by i-escape at the moment of booking (typically 15-20% of the total cost). 

2. Any subsequent payments made to the property are not covered by this scheme. However, where the property is willing to transfer or refund these payments to you, we will generally offer to keep your i-escape deposit as credit.

3. Any bookings which require full prepayment on a non-refundable basis, or which require no online deposit at the moment of booking, are not covered by this scheme.

4. The use of an i-escape gift voucher does not affect your eligibility for this scheme.

How to claim

To transfer your i-escape deposit, please first email us with your booking reference explaining why you are cancelling, and attaching any relevant documentation (such as proof of flight cancellation, or positive covid status). We will then reply confirming the credit that we are holding for you. If you have made further payments directly to the property, we advise you to ask them about these before cancelling your booking. Your credit may be used against any future booking through i-escape.

To redeem your credit note, please first make your new booking and then forward the credit note by email to us so that we can refund you. If the new stay cost is less than the original i-escape deposit, we may re-issue the remainder as a new credit note. Credit notes may have an expiry date by which they must be booked; the dates of the new stay are unrestricted and can be at any time in the future. 

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this Flexible Booking Policy at any time. Any existing bookings or credit notes will not be affected.