profileAfter introductions to Fritha from TigerlillyQuinn and Lucy from Dear Beautiful, we now welcome Lori from the lovely blog Wild & Grizzly.

Lori is the next in line of our small selection of fantastic family and lifestyle bloggers who will be joining us to explore the i-escape collection. In fact, you can read about her recent i-escape trips to Amsterdam and Berlin on her blog.

Your blog in one sentence…

“Wild & Grizzly is a UK lifestyle blog where mama meets cool. It’s inspired by design, travel, interiors and style, while exploring the wilds of motherhood.”

Wild & Grizzly
Wild & Grizzly

What kicked it all off?

“I started Wild & Grizzly as a place to document my adventures with my son F and to create a space to share things that inspire me. It’s a collection of thoughts and memories which tell our story.”

When picking a break, what are the top three things you look for in a destination?

“I always look outside the box. I try to avoid the usual tourist traps and search for something that little bit special, whether it’s staying in a well-designed boutique hotel or apartment, or travelling to an unusual destination which most people might not think to visit with kids. For me, the location has to have a combination of style, culture and good food.”

Wild & Grizzly
Wild & Grizzly

What destination is high on your hitlist for 2015?

“I always write a wishlist at the beginning of the year to give me inspiration and set myself some travel goals. At the top for 2015 are Berlin for a fun city break; Reykjavik for a wild cultural adventure and natural beauty; Croatia or Montenegro for stunning unspoilt coastlines; San Francisco for a sunny stateside holiday with a creative edge; and Palm Springs for classic modernist design and the Joshua Tree National Park.”

If you could pack your bags for any i-escape hotel, where would you go?

“For relaxation I would have to pick Post Ranch Inn in California and for city excitement, I would head to New York and the stunning Greenwich Hotel“.

If you could only visit one country for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

“Oh this is a hard question! I travelled quite a bit as a child and have visited a lot of places, each offering something different. I think I would have to choose somewhere like America or Canada, as they’re so big you really could spend your whole life travelling and exploring. But as a romantic at heart, I think Italy would be a lovely place to spend my days!”

What’s your earliest travel memory?

“As a child we were constantly travelling and I spent my first three years living in Perth, Australia, before heading back to the UK. My parents were huge fans of island life and we visited Mallorca most years, so I have very fond memories of it. My earliest memory of Australia was paddling and playing with my dad in Kings Park.”

Lori in Amsterdam
Wild & Grizzly in Amsterdam

What’re the essential items in your suitcase?

“Sun cream, sunglasses, an oversized handbag, a good book and my portable iPhone charger.”

Any top tips for stress-free travel with the kids?

“Be prepared. Take puzzles and sticker books for the journey, and allow yourself time to go slowly. If travelling somewhere hot, I always try to break the day down into two parts – one half exploring with F, and the second half relaxing and letting him go at his own pace as the heat can be overwhelming.”

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