Your votes are flooding in for The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 and, with just over a week to go, the competition is really hotting up. Alongside our 100% voted categories, we’ve invited some of our discerning blogger friends to help us decide 4 category winners.

This week, we’re discussing all things travel with Alex Stedman, the woman behind The Frugality and guest judge of our Added Value award.

As a budget-conscious lifestyle blogger, Alex is no stranger to spotting great style for less, be it high-end high-street fashion or great-value boutique stays that really make a holiday memorable. Recent travel adventures have included a city break to Rome, a fashion-forward trip to Philadelphia and a babymoon in Essaouira. So, who better to help us choose the hideaway that gives true bang for your buck?

i-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Alex Stedman, The Frugality, Ella SadikaPhoto credit: Ella Sadika

What’s your happiest holiday memory?  

Our honeymoon in Japan was pretty unbeatable. The country is so diverse, the people are so nice… how can you not have a great time? Oh, and it’s cheap, too (contrary to rumours). While in Tokyo, we ate at Uoshins, a ‘Fish Shack’-style restaurant. It was possibly our favourite night of the trip, offering fresh fish in a cool, relaxed setting where everyone eats sitting on crates.

i-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Tokyo

Which destinations are on your travel hit-list for 2018?

I am hoping to go away to Spain for an entire month with my husband and newborn baby next summer – possibly one of the only times we can do it! My parents have a flat in Nerja, which we love, and we could potentially pop to Seville and Granada for a few nights (although my parents still think I have a rather idyllic idea of parenthood!).

i-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Seville, Spaini-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Seville, Spain

What’s your dream travel destination?

I’d love to do Central America – Belize and Nicaragua, in particular.

Can you share a frugal travel tip with us?

Eat like locals. It sounds obvious, but this is the reason that, whenever we go away, we often come home with change. We just prefer to eat in smaller, more local places, with just a few spaces at the bar to eat. Places like Barcelona have fab little restaurants where dishes are just 5 euros; we even found traditional tapas places where you get small food dishes free with your drink.

i-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Barcelona, Spain, The FrugalityPhoto credit: Alex Stedmani-escape blog / The Feel-Good Hotel Awards 2017 / Barcelona, Spain

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