Have you ever tried a delicious hotel dish on your travels and wished you could recreate it at home? Us too! So, we’re going to share some recipes from our favourite foodie hideaways in a new series of blog posts.

First up is this double bill of breakfast treats from Neri, who runs Berdoulat & Breakfast – an intimate Bath-based B&B with a Turkish twist, where morning feasts encompass delights from Britain and Istanbul.

Baked egg with sage (serves 1)

This simple dish is a firm family favourite.


2 large or medium eggs
Fresh sage leaves


Butter a small ramekin dish. Break in 2 eggs and season thoroughly (Neri uses a combination of red, white and black ground peppercorns). Finely chop 2 sage leaves and sprinkle them on top.

For a nice runny yolk, bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. If you prefer a harder yolk, leave in the oven for a touch longer.

Tomato and pomegranate salad (serves 2)

Neri serves this zingy dish as part of the ‘Full Turkish’ breakfast offered to her B&B guests, and it’s always been very well received. You could also serve it like a salsa alongside a tagine or various other Middle Eastern dishes.

You can buy pomegranate molasses from most good supermarkets or health food shops, and it’s a good investment.


7-8 cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Fresh thyme
Fresh mint
Pomegranate molasses


Cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters. Finely chop the herbs, add some salt and mix with the tomatoes, pomegranate and olive oil. Serve on a dish of your choice, and drizzle a little of the molasses on top.

Bon appétit!

Keep your eyes peeled for more tempting recipes appearing on the blog soon…