We’ve partnered with Alfa Romeo to upgrade autumn staycations with a free 5* Stelvio SUV delivered to your front door. Now that’s what I call a test drive!

  • Selected i-escape staycations will now include a free loan of an Alfa Romeo Stelvio for the duration of the stay
  • The ‘Added Alfa’ package will see a Stelvio delivered to your own front door before your holiday, and picked up again when the trip is over
  • The offer is available for bookings made before 31 July at any of these i-escape properties for stays during autumn half term (15th October – 1st November 2021)

With million of Brits having booked summer staycations, and summer availability at an all-time low, people up and down the country are now turning their attention to their autumn holiday.

Throughout June, at least five lucky guests will be surprised with an ‘Added Alfa’ package when they book a qualifying staycation through i-escape. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones, we will get in touch with you in July to upgrade your staycation to include an Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV. This will be delivered directly to your door for free the day before your trip, and collected the day after you return – an offer that will add another level of luxury to your holiday.

The featured properties include some of our favourite rentals and boutique hotels across the UK, from a luxury barn conversion for a family getaway to a cosy cottage for a couples’ retreat.

Discover the whole collection here and get booking!


Terms and conditions:

  • This promotion runs from 1st June to 31st July 2021.
  • A 3 night minimum booking is required to be eligible for the additional upgraded package with Alfa Romeo.
  • Properties must be selected from the featured properties list and booked within the stated period to qualify.
  • At the end of the trip, there must be enough fuel in the vehicle so that the team can get to a filling station.
  • You need to have a valid driving licence and be over 21.
  • The vehicle will be delivered to any mainland UK address the day before the i-escape booking starts; and collected from that address the day after it ends.
  • If you live in a congestion zone, this will be paid for on the drop off and pick up dates, however any days outside of these will need to be paid for by yourself.
  • All PCNs or other charges (including toll roads and parking) are your responsibility to cover, and will be forwarded on if received by Alfa Romeo.
  • Third party insurance is covered as standard; if you would like to split the driving, we’re happy to add additional drivers onto this.
  • There are 5 vehicles available during the period, so there will be at least 5 winners, and probably more (depending on stay lengths and vehicle allocation).
  • The allocation of the vehicles is made at the discretion of i-escape and Alfa Romeo, and their decision is final.
  • Winners will be contacted in July, via the email address they have used for booking their stay.
  • This promotional package has no cash value and is not refundable or exchangeable if the trip is cancelled or moved.

Terms and conditions for drivers:
In consideration of the User obtaining the use of the Demonstration Vehicle without charge for the Loan Period (or as may be extended by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd (“FCA UK”), the User agrees to use the Demonstration Vehicle upon the following
terms and conditions.

1) The Demonstration Vehicle may not, without the prior written consent of FCA UK, be removed from the territory in which it was loaned, the said territories being:
a) England, Wales and Scotland; or
b) Northern Ireland
2) The User agrees to insure the Demonstration Vehicle comprehensively and to make a claim upon its insurer in respect of any damage occurring to the Demonstration Vehicle or in respect of any claim made by a third party arising from the use of the Demonstration Vehicle. The User undertakes to use its best endeavours to attain settlement of such claims made upon its insurer immediately after the claim has arisen.
3) The Demonstration Vehicle must not be driven in a manner which would render void the insurance policy of FCA UK which covers the use of the Demonstration Vehicle allocated under this Agreement the terms of which the User hereby acknowledges receipt of, or other contract of insurance, or in contravention of any Road Traffic Act or Construction and Use Regulations, or by any person who is not licensed to drive the Demonstration Vehicle or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor must it be driven in the event of mechanical, electrical or structural failure or damage, if further damage might thereby be caused.
4) It is a breach of this Agreement for the User to fail to return the Demonstration Vehicle to FCA UK, at the end of the Loan Period at the place and time specified by the Demonstration Centre.
5) There is no express or implied condition in taking possession of the Demonstration Vehicle entitling the User to purchase or to sell the Demonstration Vehicle without first obtaining written consent from FCA UK and secondly, without having paid FCA UK for the Demonstration Vehicle.
6) FCA UK shall be entitled to terminate the loan of any Demonstration Vehicle at any time if in its opinion it is reasonable to do so.

8) The User is obliged:
a) to pay for any accessories, tyres, tools or equipment lost, stolen or damaged and to pay FCA UK’s costs of recovering the Demonstration Vehicle in the event that the User fails to return it to FCA UK. Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 10
(a) of this Agreement, to pay any penalties, fines or court costs incurred in the use of the Demonstration Vehicle before it is returned to FCA UK and which FCA UK is obliged to pay (save when caused by the fault of FCA UK)
b) to ensure that correct tyre pressures, engine oil level, battery fluid level, screen wash level, coolant level and Automatic Transmission oil level (where fitted) are maintained throughout the Loan Period;
c) to ensure that the Demonstration Vehicle is always locked when unattended, and to take all reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage to the Demonstration Vehicle, or its tyres, tools, accessories equipment or contents;
d) to inform FCA UK immediately if the Demonstration Vehicle suffers any damage or loss, develops any fault or requires any servicing and to permit FCA UK to carry out any essential repairs or servicing and to pay FCA UK immediately the cost of repairing any damage or loss arising while the Demonstration Vehicle was in the possession of the User howsoever caused, notwithstanding that a claim has been made by the User against its insurance company;
e) to return the Demonstration Vehicle together with its accessories, tyres, tools and equipment to FCA UK at the place specified at or before the end of the Loan Period or on the earlier termination of this Agreement in the condition prevailing at the commencement of the loan (fair wear and tear excepted), clean and tidy (traffic grime excepted).
9) The Demonstration Vehicle shall not be used for hire or reward without the prior written consent of FCA UK.

10) The User shall is responsible in respect of its use of the Demonstration Vehicle for:
a) any of the following offences which may be committed with respect to the Demonstration Vehicle when it is stationary and when a fixed penalty notice is issued; being on a road during hours of darkness without lights or reflectors required by law; waiting, or being left parked, or being loaded or unloaded, in a road; being used or kept on a public road within the meaning of the Vehicles (Excise) Act 1971 without a licence under that Act being exhibited on the Demonstration Vehicle in the manner prescribed under that Act; and the non-payment of the charge made a street parking place;
b) any excess charge which may be incurred in pursuance of an order under section 35 and 36 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1987 (provision of highways of parking places where charges are made);
c) any congestion charge except for a congestion charge arising on the day of delivery by FCA UK if the delivery point is within a congestion charge zone. The User will be responsible for and will indemnify FCA UK against the payment of any congestion charges (other than for the day of delivery), parking or road traffic fines which are incurred during the Loan
Period. Congestion charges which are borne by FCA UK as a result of non payment by the User will be recharged to the User plus an administration fee of £25 plus VAT; and
d) any offences relating to the use of hand-held mobile telephon