Travel Guide to Brazil

Best things to do and see in Brazil

Brazil: Why go

Once visited never forgotten, Brazil is a country which dazzles with its vibrant culture, rich landscapes and abundance of wildlife. It boasts the world’s largest rainforest, longest river, widest waterfall and 5,000 miles of coastline with beaches to die for. Larger than Europe, it offers several countries in one, with a wealth of alternative regional charm from music and dance to architecture, food and fashion, plus friendly, fun-loving people and lots of sunshine.

Brazilians enjoy a passion and sensuality no other country could ever rival and you feel a lifetime would only give you a taste of everything it offers - whether dancing in the heat of Carnaval, becoming engrossed in the poetry of its language and music, surfing the waves, watching its people or just sipping your caipirinha. Rio is one of the world's most visually stunning cities, but equally fascinating are the colonial cities of Salvador and Olinda in the north, and Ouro Preto inland.

We've discovered some fabulous places to stay, from tropical island hideaways to charming colonial pousadas; bohemian homestays to hip design hotels.

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