Travel Guide to Chile

Best things to do and see in Chile

Chile: Why go

Chile is the ultimate natural playground, with some of the world's most spectacular scenery and a huge array of adrenaline-fueled activities. It's generally safer than other South American nations, and its relatively good infrastructure makes travel easy.

This long, spindly country encompasses incredibly diverse landscapes. In the north are the desolate sands and salt-encrusted lakes of the Atacama Desert; in the central heartlands, lush valleys and vineyards plus the capital city, Santiago. Further south lie the azure waters and ancient forests of the Lake District and, at the very tip of the continent, the magnificent mountains and deep glacial fjords of Patagonia. It's all bordered on one side by the Andes and on the other by the Pacific Ocean, making it feasible to surf and ski in the same day.

Wherever you are, outdoor action is never far away. Raft and kayak along wild rapids, hike ancient trails, climb volcanoes, or just relax in a hot spring and savour fine Chilean wines.

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