Travel Info for Corsica

Best time to go to Corsica and how to get there

Corsica: When to Go

April and May are good times to come in terms of sunshine + price, but there is more going on from June through September. Like all hotels on Corsica prices soar in July and August, but the north tends to be less expensive than the south. The south is a little more popular, but for what it’s worth, we preferred the north.

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Getting There

NB, please do not rely solely on this information for your travel planning.


If you're coming from the UK, you'll probably need to fly via France.

From France: carriers include Air France, Air Corsica, EasyJet and TUI.

Within Europe: try Lufthansa, Luxair and Air Berlin.

By boat: Ajaccio is well-connected by ferry. You can sail from Nice, Marseilles and Toulon. The crossing takes 6-12 hours depending on where you depart and who you sail with. You can also cross to Porto Torres on Sardinia (4 hours). Ferries to Bastia sail from Nice in France and from Livorno and Genoa in Italy.