Travel Guide to Florida Keys

Best things to do and see in Florida Keys

Florida Keys: Why go

They are out there, somewhere, really, these famously fabulous, weird and whacky Florida Keys, a 180km-long chain of 45 islands, connected by Highway 1, and home to the famous Key Lime Pie. While their quirky appeal may not be immediately apparent from the strip-mall lined, rather uninspiring surroundings of the highway, dense mangrove forests soon appear, allowing for tiny glimpses of the sea and sailing boats to either side before, all of a sudden - abracadabra! - you’ll find yourself amidst the breathtaking beauty of dazzling blue water everywhere. Highlights include scenic Islamorada in the Upper Keys and irrepressible Key West at the (very) far end, with picturesque little marinas, coves with manatees, gorgeous islets - and plenty of cool and funky beach bars in between. Time to kick back and have your pie then.

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