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Florida: When to Go

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Getting There

Note: flight, boat, train and bus timetables change constantly, and airlines come and go, so please do not rely solely on this information for your travel planning. Check with relevant companies, or a flight search engine like Skyscanner, first.

To Miami

Miami Airport (MIA) is served by over 40 airlines including Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Continental American Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa and, as the getaway to Latin America, Aerolinas Argentinas, Aeromexico, TAM and LAN.

To The Florida Keys

Flights to Key West (EYW) are operated by AirTran, American Airlines, Cape Air, Continental Airlines, and Delta from half a dozen cities in the US; however, the majority of flights are via, or from, Miami. There is also a small airport in Marathon in the Middle Keys, offering fewer (and more expensive flights). If you can, drive to the Keys from Miami; the trip south on Highway 1 is very much a part of the whole experience.

Getting Around

By Car:
To discover all of Miami you need to rent a car - see our car rental recommendations. Expect gridlock mania, but also scenic drives like the ones over the 4 causeways connecting Miami Beach with mainland Miami.

The 4+ hour drive from Miami to Key West is great (let me qualify this: the first part is a bit dull, but you get rewarded handsomely with breathtaking views towards the finish line), and once you have left the city behind, traffic gets much lighter - aside from weekends of course.

By Taxi:
Taxis are easy to hail down in Miami Beach and are reasonable priced. Elsewhere you will need to call one.

By Bus:
Miami’s bus route system, Metrobus, covers an extensive area. However, prepare yourself for long waits, or don’t even bother. South Beach’s Local Circulator, a looping shuttle service at just 25 cents a pop, is a good way to get around. There is also a regular bus service from South Beach to the wildly popular Aventura Mall.

By Bike:
In Miami Beach and Key West, jump on a bike – it’s a very pleasant way to explore the area.

In Key West, you can rent a “Conch Cruiser”, an electric golf-style-cart. Torturously touristy, sickeningly silly but fabulously fun, the screaming laughter from its passengers (often cruise-tourists stopping in Key West for the day) can be heard far before the actual car itself approaches…