Travel Guide to Hong Kong

Best things to do and see in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Why go

Years after its handover from the British to the Chinese, Hong Kong has never been such a popular tourist destination. People flock here in droves - for a shopping break, a stopover weekend, to watch the Hong Kong Sevens or bet at the Happy Valley racecourse. And all who come seem to love it.

It's a city that pulsates with energy; swirling crowds of people, dazzling neon, excited high-pitch chatter. And it's full of contradictions; haute cuisine in Lan Kwai Fong vs steaming noodles at the Temple Street night market; slow graceful thai chi in Victoria Park vs the hectic speed of everyday life; billionaire-rich Western coroporations vs generations of farmers forced into near-poverty; cutting-egde fashion and architecture vs traditional values and incense-filled temples.

The skyscrapers are magnificent, the night skyline glorious (be sure to catch the Symphony of Lights display), and it's an exhilarating environment to be in. Stroll round Victoria Harbour, barter at vibrant markets, taste exotic delicacies like snake soup and pig's ears, try traditional reflexology, splash out on Ming china and ride the iconic trams.

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