Travel Guide to Iceland

Best things to do and see in Iceland

Iceland: Why go

Set just below the Arctic circle, Iceland is on Europe's furthermost limits: it's often left off the map completely much to the annoyance of its people. But who could ever forget this country with its vast expanses of some of the world's most beautiful terrain. Here is where to enjoy uninterrupted nature from ice capped glaciers to gushing turquoise rivers and powerful waterfalls, from volcanoes to geothermal hot springs and geysirs.

With endlesss summer daylight and winter's Northern Lights, Iceland's magic has not left its people untouched - most still believe in elves. But you needn't rely on the little people for somewhere nice to stay. Iceland is now opening some new chic hotels so we've hand picked the best from happening Reykjavik to the more isolated and dreamlike Western Peninsular. It's also easy to get to (a 3-hour direct flight from the UK on a no-frills airline or a stopover between the US and Europe).

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