Travel Guide to Kerala

Best things to do and see in Kerala

Kerala: Why go

Kerala is considered one of the most beautiful parts of India, and with good reason. This is not the dusty, frantic, bustling India you hear about. Instead, it’s a gentle part of the world, the perfect place to unwind with a heavy hint of exotica. In our experience, the locals are far more likely to wave hello to you than try to sell you something. The lush coastline and its nightly sunset show are the stuff of picture postcards, with an idyllic tropical climate from November to April. The mountains are easily accessed yet offer cool air, great wildlife and commanding views. The people of Kerala are incredibly laid-back and friendly - and all seemingly expert cooks!

Whether you’re chilling on the coast down south, picking up handicrafts in the local markets, or cruising languidly along its backwater lakes, Kerala is warm, stimulating, aromatic, out of the ordinary and enticing.

And, if you're feeling like Robinson Crusoe, Kerala combines well with the exotic Andaman islands via Chennai: world-class diving, idyllic beaches and active volcanoes.

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