Travel Info for Marrakech

Best time to go to Marrakech and how to get there

Marrakech: When to Go

The best times to visit Marrakech are spring (March-May) and autumn (September-October). It's baking in the summer months of July and August - a dry but extremely relentless heat beats down on the city. By early November the evenings are cooler, although the midday sun is still warm enough to bask in. The weather in winter, from November to March, ranges from cool and rainy to sunny and warm enough to sit outside.

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Getting Around

On arrival - if you’re staying in the pedestrianised medina - book an airport transfer through your riad. Don’t take a taxi in the hope of finding your accommodation on your own – you might save a couple of quid, but the confusion and hassle will be ten-fold.

Once settled in, since the medina is largely car-free, most people walk. If you need help with bags, there are lads with trolleys on hand at key entry points (most hotels have their own porters for when you arrive/depart).

Outside the city walls, you can take a taxi - the best option for going to the Palmeraie. Petits taxis remain within the city limits, while grands taxis are for longer journeys.

Alternatively, caleche rides - canopied horse-drawn carriages - can take up to 4 people on a memorable tour of the city. These can be hired just off Djemaa el Fna. You'll need to bargain and the poor treatment of some horses might put you off.