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Miami: Why go

Hola & welcome to Hedonism central, honey - you’d better bring your bling and be beautifully bronzed to join this simmering, sultry melting pot of a metropolis, playground to the international and rather scantily clad jet set. Remember the CSI trailer, all sunny blue skies, palm-lined sandy beaches, dazzling emerald ocean and jet skis in front of a glittering condo skyline? Well, you are pretty close. Just take indulgent doses of Latin beats and flavour, candy-coloured Art Deco galore and toasted hooters, then throw in an a few Hummers, vintage Chevys and funky art galleries. Add triple shots of glitzy nightlife, devilish mojitos, ultra-hip designer hotels and sleek shopping malls, and sprinkle it with kitsch and glam. And now go and shake it. (“Ba-by, I li-ke it…”).

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