Travel Guide to Mykonos

Best things to do and see in Mykonos

Mykonos: Why go

Some people say that the original and best Greek island has overstretched itself. Despite its tiny size, it has almost as many visitors as Crete. Much of the island has been developed and there's not much local culture left; beaches are packed, cruise ships bring new crowds every day, evenings are loud and long.

Others say: what more could you ask for? Beautiful beaches full of bronzing bodies, a great music scene, lively company (both gay and straight), cosmopolitan fashion and food outlets, guaranteed sunshine and the most picture-perfect harbour front of any Cycladic town. It's Ibiza meets Shirley Valentine: a perfect spot to dance and romance. Plus there's Delos - the ancient Greeks' sacred island - a short boat ride away.

So we say: if you're after a Greek island which combines upscale festive fun with a buzzing beach scene, this is a great option. It's easily accessible (direct flights from several European cities), and far classier than Rhodes, Kos, Zante et al. Stay in Mykonos town if you want to be in the heart of the action; or in one of the nearby beach resorts if swimming, sea-sports and sun-tanning is more important. Best of all (if time allows), you can pop over to a quieter neighbour such as Tinos or Syros to get 'under the Greek skin' for a few days.

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