New York

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New York: When to Go

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06:24 | GMT - 5 Hours


Getting There

Note: flight, boat, train and bus timetables change constantly, and airlines come and go, so please do not rely solely on this information for your travel planning. Check with relevant companies, or a flight search engine like Skyscanner, first.


There are direct flights to New York from many European cities, including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Zurich. London tends to have the best deals - as low as £200 return in the off season, rising to £500+ over Thanksgiving, Christmas-New Year and the summer months.

Major airlines (routes may change, please check their website) include:

Continental flies to New York (Newark) from Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Birmingham, Bristol, Copenhagen, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Lisbon, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Shannon, Stockholm, Zurich.

Delta flies to New York from Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Nice, Paris, Pisa, Prague, Rome, Shannon, Valencia, Venice, Zurich

American Airlines flies to New York from Barcelona, Brussels, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Zurich

Virgin Atlantic flies to JFK and Newark from London Heathrow.

British Airways flies to New York from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.


Major airlines (routes may change, please check their website) include:

Continental flies to New York (Newark) from the Caribbean & Central America (lots of cities), Bogota, Delhi, Lima, Mumbai, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Tokyo

Delta flies to New York from the Caribbean & Central America (lots of cities), Amman, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Casablanca, Santiago, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo

American Airlines flies to New York from Buenos Aires, Delhi, Montevideo, Rio, Salvador da Bahia, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Tokyo and various Caribbean and Central American cities.


You can fly into Long Island MacArthur Airport aka Islip (ISP), which is served by Southwest Airlines and US Airways Express.


New York is served by 3 airports:
John F Kennedy (JFK) in Queens for international flights
Newark (EWR) in New Jersey for international flights
La Guardia (LGA) in Queens for domestic flights
You can arrange a transfer via this service from all three.

From JFK
It is probably worth getting a yellow cab into town if you are 2 or more people (fare is around US$50; journey time is usually 30-45 mins). If you're alone or on a budget, try the New York Airport Service Express Bus into Penn Stn, Grand Central Stn and Port Authority; or use a shuttle minibus like Go Airlink or Super Shuttle which will drop you at your hotel (via everyone else's hotels!) for only a little more than the bus.

From Newark
There is a fast train (30 mins) to Penn Station, operated by NJ Transit. Otherwise try the Olympia bus into Penn Stn, Grand Central Stn and Port Authority.

From La Guardia
The closest of the 3 to Manhattan, there are taxis, shuttles and buses in descending order of cost.

Getting Around

By Taxi
New York's streets crawl with yellow cabs, hailed with the slightest wave and invariably driven at breakneck speed by grumpy immigrants. Fares start at US$2.50 (remember to tip); to find out fares in advance, visit this great farefinder website.

By Subway
New York's underground is the most reliable form of public transport, if not the prettiest, with a huge network and a slightly unusual system: lines have a letter or number (the route) AND a colour (the district served), stations are named after their street location, and trains can be express (major stops) or local (all stops).

By Bus
These follow the city's gridlines and offer better views. You'll need exact change - or a Metro card. Metro cards cover you on all bus and subway routes, and are available for a day, week or month.

By Boat
The Staten Island Ferry serves commuters between Manhattan and Staten Island, but also offer tourists a free glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. The New York Water Taxi has several routes, including a weekend hop-on hop-off around Downtown-Midtown. You can board a schooner, sail an ex-America's Cup yacht, book a Happy Hour Cruise or kayak up the Hudson River for free thanks to Downtown Boathouse.

On Foot
To find your own New York, you have to hit the streets. It’ll cost you nothing and it’s the only way to see how the Big Apple’s many filmic neighbourhoods meld together. If you want company, Big Onion run lively, themed walking tours.

By Bicycle
Cycling the streets is only for the brave, but Central Park Bicycle Tours offer leafier, more leisurely routes through the park or to top celeb haunts.