Travel Info for Penang & Pangkor

Best time to go to Penang & Pangkor and how to get there

Penang & Pangkor: When to Go

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Getting Around

A scooter is best. They can be rented for about RM25 a day for the semi-automatic and RM30 for the automatic (prices correct in 2010) from the fleapits and visa agents along Chulia Street, but remember to bring an international driver’s license.

Taxis can be flagged down or picked up from a stand along Penang Road, but they’re not cheap.

There are buses, but they may be too complicated to work out. As a rule of thumb, if you’re stuck outside Georgetown and a bus going vaguely northwest says ‘Jetty’, hop on.

If you want to combine Penang with Langkawi, there are ferries from Georgetown as well as flights between the 2 islands.