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Best time to go to Piedmont and how to get there

Piedmont: When to Go

Piedmont is a year round destination. Come in early spring (Feb-March) to catch the ski season; in late spring (April-May) for flowers and fruit-tree blossoms; in summer for long hot days and in autumn for the truffle season. Wine harvesting season also spans September and October but, happily, tasting happens all year round.

Piedmont is rich in festivals, including the Asti Carnivale and Ivrea's "Battle of the Oranges", both in February, Maranzana's Festa dello Spumante (sparkling wine festival) in August, the Palio Horse Race (older than Siena's) every September, the Alba Truffle festival in October, and the White Truffle festival in November.

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Getting There

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Getting Around

To get the most out of the area, it’s probably best to hire a car - see our car rental recommendations.

Many of the local towns are accessible by train from the Stazione di Porta Susa in Turin. Buses are also available, some timetables only run at school pick up and drop off times, and not at weekends.