Travel Guide to Rajasthan

Best things to do and see in Rajasthan

Rajasthan: Why go

Rajasthan, which means 'Land of the Kings', is awash with beautiful palaces and majestic hilltop forts silhouetted against rich and varied topography. As India's second largest state, with a well-developed infrastructure, Rajasthan simply pulsates with life. Everywhere people are walking, riding, running, sitting, talking, buying, selling, haggling or just 'being', and Rajasthan’s sheer wealth of culture, tradition, dazzling colour and ancient sites have attracted and captivated generations of visitors.

The landscape is fantastically diverse: harsh, barren deserts contrast with rolling green hills, hot days with cool nights, rural farmland with large, bustling cities. Architecturally, wonders range from the magnificence of abundant Islamic architecture to massive forts, marbled palaces, and ornate temples of many faiths. Wherever you roam in Rajasthan you'll be struck by the strong colours, the friendly people and the extreme beauty of its countryside.

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