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Rome: Why go

From its archaeology and history to its gastronomic delights and die-hard romanticism, Rome has it all. It's difficult to underestimate the historical and cultural importance of Rome, and as a city, it never fails to delight its visitors. The tapestry of the city is a glorious interweaving of Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Fascist styles. However, although it is the political capital of the country and the birthplace of the Christian world, Rome is not wrapped in nostalgia or chocolate-box sentimentality for its past. Romans are as pragmatic about their magnificent history as they are proud of it, and Rome is brimming with activity. It is this co-existence of cultures and histories which earns Rome its name as the Eternal City and which has attracted tourists for thousands of years.

To give the city its best chance you need to take things in slowly (sometimes quite hard when dodging motorinos and bustling urban life) and it is often whilst lost down a cobbled back alley that you’ll catch the most wonderful bites of Rome - the bottega (artisan’s workshop), the nun dashing across a pigeon-filled piazza, the evening light catching a terracotta-coloured wall….truly la dolce vita. You will love it as much for its monuments as for its long lunches and people-watching potential: it really is that much of a cliché.

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