Travel Guide to Sardinia

Best things to do and see in Sardinia

Sardinia: Why go

Sardinia’s allure is hard to miss - a searing sun, endless beaches, majestic stretches of coastline, dazzling old towns and cities. Of course, like all good travel destinations there’s more to it than that. First and foremost the island is a great size - big enough to offer loads of variety, small enough to make it easy to get around. One fast road whizzes you about, coming up from Cagliari in the south, then splitting halfway up the island to serve both the northeast and northwest. But roads everywhere are good and the beautiful interior is easily accessible for day trips or more. There’s loads of history, interesting archaeological ruins, excellent hiking that can be as easy or as testing as you want. In short, Sardinia is a gorgeous little destination and like us, you may return home wondering why its star doesn’t shine a little more brightly.

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