Travel Guide to Sossusvlei & South

Best things to do and see in Sossusvlei & South

Sossusvlei & South: Why go

If asked for a mental picture of Namibia, most people would describe the mighty Namib desert. Stretching 2,000km through South Africa, Namibia and Angola, it also extends 300km inland and is believed to be the oldest desert in the world – approximately 80 million years. The towering orange and red sand dunes south of the Kuiseb River, known simply as Sossusvlei, are an-ever evolving feature within the desert, constantly shifting about due to the prevailing winds, hence described as a ‘sea of sand’.

Truly remarkable when viewed from above in a hot-air balloon, the landscape is awesome; a sea of colour that’s enhanced by the rising and setting sun. Experiencing sunrise is a must; climb Dune 45, the tallest dune (300m), and watch the sand change from tangerine, to pumpkin to amber, and seemingly glow from within as the sun comes up.

The other notable landscape in this area is mighty Fish River Canyon. Said to be the second biggest canyon in the world (the Grand Canyon taking the gold medal), its gigantic ravine is 100 miles long and 550m deep, offering stunning hiking.

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