Travel Guide to Switzerland

Best things to do and see in Switzerland

Switzerland: Why go

Sandwiched between France, Italy, Germany and Austria, this small, landlocked country is home to landscapes of epic proportion: the soaring Alps, criss-crossed by glaciers, turquoise rivers and dizzying mountain passes; sparkling lakes flanked by vineyards and snowy peaks; and pea-green meadows, carpeted with wildflowers in spring.

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, it’s a great place to come. In winter, there’s fantastic skiing and snowboarding in resorts such as Gstaad, St Moritz and Verbier; in summer, you can hike, bike, climb and sail. If relaxation is more your thing, you can soak up the scenery from a hot tub, whizz up the mountains by cable car, or gaze at the Matterhorn from the iconic Glacier Express train.

Switzerland is also culturally rich. The elegant cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Bern have top-class museums and restaurants, maze-like Old Towns and beautiful architecture, while the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival and Fêtes de Genève draw in the crowds every summer. The varied cuisine and 4 official languages (French, Italian, German and Romansh) reflect the country’s diversity, and the presence of global headquarters for organisations such as the UN, the International Olympic Committee and the Red Cross adds a cosmopolitan vibe. Combine all this with easy air access and an excellent transport network, and you have the perfect recipe for a varied holiday at any time of year.

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