Travel Guide to Tunisia

Best things to do and see in Tunisia

Tunisia: Why go

A huge country packed into a small one (the size of England and Wales combined), Tunisia has 1,400km of Mediterranean coast, much of it white and sandy. There are huge cork forests and rolling mountains in the north and the undulating desert of your dreams in the south.

Amazing Roman ruins dot the country, including cities, underground villas and an amphitheatre to rival Rome’s Colosseum, while in the south the indigenous Berber architecture looks like it was built by aliens (and was used to film Star Wars; the sets remain in some places). The Bardo Museum in Tunis has the world’s best collection of Roman mosaics. You can also visit the remnants of ancient Carthage - the stuff of legends and poetry - as well as shop shop shop in glittering souks, such as those in Tunis’ maze-like medina.

It goes without saying that you must check FCO advice before travelling, and stick to it. Having said that, Tunisia is one of the more laid-back Arabic countries; women have more equality here than anywhere in the Arab world. It’s largely Muslim and the call of the muezzin will punctuate your stay.

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